Greece New Beginnings

Where things do not happen when you want to. Where people are still... people. Where fish is not frozen. Where we need to be.

What is this?

This… is still work in progress.   

We take it slow and do it in our free time, whenever we feel something is worth sharing. 

We have very short but cute stories – you’ll find them under “Story of the Day” section. 

We will also develop longer stories with plenty of images to illustrate them, as photography seems to have caught us in its charms… `- you’ll find them under “Stories to Remember”. 

So check back in a while… hopefully we will finish it this year – 2023.

coming soon... our experience of living in greece

These are the some of the doors we will open

Welcome to a Life in Greece!

As seen from a very subjective point of view

Here are things we normally send to our friends on WhatsApp.
Expect no more than a photo & a silly comment in this section.

Very short tales about daily life in Greece:

And whenever you're ready....
Read some longer tales.
Usually with lots of images.
To compensate for our poor writing skills.

Living in Greece feels so special it makes one want to write about it

(even if he is a completely useless writer)

Whenever you need to talk to us...

We are not a relocating company, nor can we provide legal assistance, or get you golden visas. 

We’re just a couple living in Greece and writing about how we feel about it. So, have that in mind 🙂


We hate spam as much as you do. We like privacy as much as you do. Never worry about anything like that when you write to us.